We are up and done remodeling. It has been sometime but since the hurricane we had some troubles but we are now going again. Please look through our photos and you can see what we have endured. Thank you to all that have helped us and donated to us. With that we would like to thank a few people and business. First of all thank you to Verumfunding. With out them we would have not been able to redo the plumbing for the hotel. Benjaminmoore donated all of the paint for the inside and the outside which was great since insurance was not going to cover all of it. Ditchwitch donated all of the food for the workers while they were trying to put things back together that the hurricane destroyed and more importantly thank you to all of the people of the town that donated their time into the rebuild of our business.

While we are not done with the rebuild as of yet please look at the images that we have up and yes as of right now we are up for business. We may not have all of the custom touches that you have come a custom to while staying here in the past we do have the amities of others around the town that will help to make your stay here as special as it has been in the past.

If you are looking to book a room please give us a call and talk to Jo Anne. Please know that once you stay here you will want to come back here again and again. Also in August we will be celebrating Joe and Pearls 75 anniversary and their 30th stay over 30 years here at the hotel. They have come here for now 30 years on their anniversary. We are glad to be apart of their commitment to each other.

We are also working on the site so it will be some time before we are back up to normal but you can see some of the impact and rebuilding that we have done here on the page.

Thank you for your being loyal client and we hope to see you once again here at thebeachhotel.